#65 Spur of the Moment

It was a very last minute decision to go to Athens, but it was quite an adventure. 

#64 If I Could, This Is What I Would Do For The Rest of My Life

The best bruises and head bangs.  Thank goodness for the helmet.   Snowboarding is so liberating!  

#63 2011 Ended On a Good Note

Wore this badass for Christmas, and any other opportunity I got to put it on.  It simply is incredible.

Cashmere gloves + gold polish

The best shot of the night.  

#62 5 Year Journey Begins

Michael and I are starting a 5 year diary to see where life takes us... and to see how much we grow. 

#61 Blood n Spikes


#60 spikes, fur, leather

by 4th: 

Nothing much but a crisp fall/winter/December day?  I don't even know what season we're in because one day it'll be in the low 30's... cold, drab, wet, icy.... then the next day it'll be sunny and in the 70's.  Bi-polar weather sucks. 

leather jacket: madewell, faux fur scarf: h&m, necklace & bracelet: joomi lim, bag: celine

#59 Supplies! (Surprise)

by 4th:

I was so excited to run down to my mailbox because I've been waiting for this package to come for about a month! The surprise in the package is to come... stay tuned. 

#58 Going Delirious with Glitter!

by 4th: 

Yesterday I stayed at work till 6 glueing names and glittering all of them carefully as to not make a sparkly mess.  I ran out of glitter about half way through, so I tip-toed down to the library and just "borrowed" some glitter from the media center.  haha. It isn't all that much fun doing this by yourself... next year I need to make sure I do it on a Saturday with some Christmas music, cookies, and "milk."  

#57 On the 4th Date of Christmas

by 4th: 

I cut the cheese and ate it with water crackers and some espresso M made with the new espresso machine.