#43 Saturday

by: 4th

Days are getting shorter, and the air is getting cooler each day.  I think it is about 10 degrees cooler at my house/in my driveway than it is outside of my neighborhood because I was BURNING up in the sweater underneath my jacket.  Good thing I had a tank top on so I could take off the sweater in the car... (green house effect= HOT).  I finally picked up my Chanel babies and they are good and ready to go for tomorrow.  I'll have to be super careful not to be stepped on since the leather is so fragile.  I hope it doesn't give me unnecessary stress. lol.

Leather Jacket: Madewell, striped sweater: h&m, jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Boots:  Boutique 9, Watch: Michael Kors, Glasses: Warby Parker, Bag: Tory Burch. 


#42 Welcome Home.

The first pair had a nasty scratch on the back so I exchanged them for a newer pair, but since they didn't have it in store, they had to send it from another store,,, which meant I had to wait a few days.  They are waiting for me to pick it up at the cobblers for some sole and heel protection.  WoohOO!  I'm going to go pick them up right now! 

This picture washes out the beige color.   


#41 Chanel Flats

Yesterday I purchased my first pair of classic Chanel two-tone flats!  I am super excited about it, and can't wait to put outfits together.   This outfit is something I would wear everyday if I could.  I do wish to buy the Celine Cabas tote soon.  *fingers crossed* 

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