#39 Baggu

I've always been using reusable bags from the local grocery market to carry my groceries, but MOST of the times I would forget to take it out of my car or forget to put it back in my car after using it.  I came across this AWESOME reusable grocery bag called BAGGU that makes it easy for us girls to just toss it into our humongous bags in with everything else.  I promised myself that I would carry around a BAGGU at all times with my essentials. (wallet, keys, chapstick, etc..)  

I bought my mom the BAGGU X5 in Blues, and  I bought my sister the Red Dot BAGGU so that they could also save the world from another plastic bag.  I didn't buy one for myself because I decided that I would just take one from my mom's 5 BAGGUs.... four bags are plenty since 1 BAGGU can fit 2-3 plastic bags worth of groceries!!!  :D  This makes me a happy camper.  

#38 Blank

The weather is awfully hot and humid down south.  There's no where to go in his heat without being cranky, drenched, and fatigued from the heat.  I wish it could always be cool like it is right before spring starts, and right before fall.  

Silk Top: Club Monaco, Navy Shorts: took from sis's closet,  Necklace:  Joomi Lim Spiked Choker, Glasses:  Warby Parker


#37 The Big Fall

I had an accident yesterday coming down a huge hill on my longboard.  I hadn't yet mastered it or felt safe on it, yet I took the risk and went down.  My board started shaking and got the speed wobbles,  I hit a curb at the end of the hill and flew off my board, took 3 giant steps in the air trying to catch myself, then skid all the way to a stop on my right side.  You can't see it but I am also majorly scratched up under my tank top and behind my jean shorts.  I got right back on my board and headed to the car only to come to another hill just to get down to our car... luckily I took that hill well and didn't end up busting my left side too. hahaa.  I love longboarding.  


#36 Equipment

I love these looks by Shopbop with the Equipment blouses!  It's exactly what I like to wear in order to stay airy and cool on a hot summer day.  


#33 Dreaming For A Place Of My Own

I've been thinking about moving out for quite some time now, but every time I try to actually take the first step it never works out.  I'm fine with where I am, but it would be lovely to express myself in every room of my living space.  These three pictures combined shows how I would decorate my space.  *dreamy sigh*  One day my dream will come true. 

I do not know where I got these pictures from.  They're from all over Tumblr.  If they are yours please let me know and I'll make sure to link it.  


#31 Falling Whistles

One of my passions in life is humanitarianism.  There are social injustices occurring as we speak, and children are being affected as well.  That is where it we need to draw the line.  Children should never have to go through violence, beating, handling weapons, sex-trafficking, etc.  

I came across Falling Whistles a few weeks ago and felt compassion for what was going on in Congo.  I wanted to do something to help and the easiest way to help was to buy a whistle to support them and remove young boys from the front lines in the conflict in the Congos.  

The campaign originally started when a small journal made its way over to the US and the truth was finally known.  Children in The Democratic Republic of Congo were being kidnapped and sent to the front lines of war.  These young children too small to even carry nor shoot a gun were armed with nothing but a whistle… 

By supporting Falling Whistles Campaign, 100% of the proceeds go to rehabilitating  the boys that escaped from the front lines of war.  Whistle prices range from $34 to a limited edition one that costs $104.  We so quickly spend our money of cheap things... things that will one day end up in the landfill.... or that money can be spent on this campaign to help the boys not end up in the ground.  

|| To order or to donate visit Falling Whistles ||

Gwyneth Paltro with a FW

Ciara with a FW

Beyonce with a cool spiked FW

Lindsay Lohan with a FW

Hilary Duff with a FW

Even Rihanna is sporting it. 

#30 Summer Jaws

Hola!  I had a very relaxing day today and mainly because I didn't get up early to go to church.  I know I should NEVER skip church but today was an exception.  Only 1 allowed per year.  It's not such a good idea to run a 10K marathon on Monday and then go out dancing on Saturday night in high heels.  I about collapsed last night because my knees gave in when I tried to squat down to rest myself.  I had to have my bf pull me back up and even with help my knees were in so much pain.  But other than that I had a lot of fun last night (t'was an unexpected night of going out.)  We went to this underground club where Dubstep was the DJ and then had an appearance by Gucci Mane.  I know, so ghetto right? haha, well this IS the dirty south, what can I say?  

Resting my legs on top of my bf. :)  

Playing around with the iPad checking Twitter.  I found out that Victoria Beckham and Natalie Portman gave birth today.  

Stopped by the local hardware store to check on plants and succulents to buy for my bf's grandma's birthday, and got a damn mosquito bite on my leg.  

top: vintage silk blouse, skirt: bdg urban outfitters, flats: corso como from bloomingdale's, purse: tory burch, necklace: f21

Enjoying the Korean-brand popsicle called Jaws!  The blue outer layer was an orange flavor while the inside was strawberry.  Interesting how blue=orange flavor.  :) 


#29 The Back Pack

I usually do not carry around a backpack.  Scratch that well I don't carry it around even more now that I have graduated from college, but for some reason I felt like I wanted to today.  My outfit was very odd to me because it wasn't the usual me.  The skirt was tight to the point where you could see my outline (awkward), and I wore high socks with my sneakers (unheard of for me).   I realized that I don't care anymore of what others might think or how weird I might look.  I was very comfortable yesterday. :)  

Summer is slowly coming to an end.  I have exactly 3 more weeks before I start working again and get back to the grind.  I love my job, I seriously do.   I don't know what other job gives you the entire summer off!  I need to wear all the things that I WANT to wear now before I have to switch back to how I HAVE to dress.  It would honestly be AMAZING if Shopbop or Net-a-Porter, or ANY BODY really could do a lookbook for educators.  Professionalism+comfort+getting down and gritty+oomph.  Please oh please!!!!  It's my second year now as an educator and I am still trying to build my work wardrobe LET ALONE my usual wardrobe so can you imagine all the things I'm looking forward to?? Out with the old and in with the new! 

Btw:  I called a particular store in NYC today and put my name on their waiting list for some amazing shoes I am DYING to get my hands on.  I've thought about it through and through, I've even waited a week to see if I really wanted it, and yes, I Still want it SO BAD!  I just hope they don't keep me waiting forever....  dream bag will have to be on hold.  


top: free people, skirt: f21, socks: f21, sneakers: jack purcell, backpack: hayden harnett , glasses: warby parker

on the arm: vintage bracelet, la mer collections watch via tobi, pink rope bracelet with a hex nut my boyfriend made me, a gold chain bracelet from mi madre, joomi lim spike bracelet, and name bracelet.  


#28 What's In My Bag?

I love, love, love when people post pictures of what they carry in their bags.  I am currently saving money for my special bag I hope to have soon.  Actually I am so torn between all these stylish handbags so I think I'll just save the $$$$ for now and see what I want later.  

Bag: Tory Burch Amanda Hobo, Wallet Pouch: Rebecca Minkoff Pouch, Coin Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Raybans, Eyeglasses: Warby Parker in Webb, Lip products: YSL Lipstic, MAC lipstick and lipgloss, and lipgloss from Korea, Pocket knife: Smith & Wesson (by far the best tool!), jump drive, floss, lotion, tweezers, energy gel ( just because you never know if you're going to be longboarding or exercising), random bracelet I made, and the trusty Vaseline.  

If YOU have pictures of what's in your bag, I would love to see. :)  

#27 Navy Blue

I actually went shopping today and bought a few things.  I've been wanting to get a long, black maxi dress so I finally buckled down and got one. 

blouse: vintage, shorts: some jeans I cut, belt: lacoste, bag: tory burch, necklace: joomi lim chain choker, watch: j.crew timex, glasses: warby parker

I swear I wasn't picking my boogers.  I just did my nails and I was looking at them, but my pinky automatically went up. :/ I shall try to fix that. haha. 


#25 Sunday Afternoons

Ended up reading this novel, took a refreshing nap, bought some ice cream, and went to a potluck dinner. I love summer days.