#60 spikes, fur, leather

by 4th: 

Nothing much but a crisp fall/winter/December day?  I don't even know what season we're in because one day it'll be in the low 30's... cold, drab, wet, icy.... then the next day it'll be sunny and in the 70's.  Bi-polar weather sucks. 

leather jacket: madewell, faux fur scarf: h&m, necklace & bracelet: joomi lim, bag: celine

#59 Supplies! (Surprise)

by 4th:

I was so excited to run down to my mailbox because I've been waiting for this package to come for about a month! The surprise in the package is to come... stay tuned. 

#58 Going Delirious with Glitter!

by 4th: 

Yesterday I stayed at work till 6 glueing names and glittering all of them carefully as to not make a sparkly mess.  I ran out of glitter about half way through, so I tip-toed down to the library and just "borrowed" some glitter from the media center.  haha. It isn't all that much fun doing this by yourself... next year I need to make sure I do it on a Saturday with some Christmas music, cookies, and "milk."  

#57 On the 4th Date of Christmas

by 4th: 

I cut the cheese and ate it with water crackers and some espresso M made with the new espresso machine.



#54 Schlubby Sundays

by 4th: 

Such a weird photo.  I call it, "The Office."  His grandpa insisted that we take a photo like this.... so we posed. HA. Ha...

#53 A Plant's Life

by 4th:  

In the beginning, I bought Plant among other essentials.

With some tender loving care, Plant grew. 

Plant's side profile during his ugly 2's.  2 months that is...

Plant is growing up so fast.  I'll need to repot him soon.  <3  Every few days, I have to move him around because he'll start leaning towards the window.  I'll move him so that he is now leaning towards my room, but in a few days, he'll start moving towards the window again.  

Plant along with his friends enjoying the Sunday morning sun. : )  

"Grow big and strong,"- MP


#52 On Our First Date of Christmas

by 4th:

Today I had an unexpected surprise from M.  He said he was going to go to work but instead came to my house.  It was such a sweet gesture.  Today is our 2 yr and 8 month anniversary day.  We are cheesy and like to celebrate it every month. 
: )  

On Our First Date of Christmas we bought some Christmas colored gum.

First debut of my Celine Gusset Cabas tote. 

We drove off into the sunset.  

We went to exchange a gift, and saw the huge christmas tree above Macy's. 

We bought some ice cream, popsicles, Skittles, and rented a DVD.... Except, I ended up watching just the beginning part because the ice cream put me into a deep coma I couldn't get out of.  

M safely carting my Celine around so I won't scratch it or ruin it.  ( I tend to break a lot of things.) 

Getting a picture taken together right in front of the ice cream glass doors. I don't think M knows where the camera hole is since I got a new phone.   (Also I got my hair darkened.  I am still getting used to how dark it is... -_- Not sure if I like it or not.) 

Then drove around downtown trying to look for someplace to eat.  After about an hour of being indecisive.. we ended up at Yeah Burger which was a great choice after all. : )  (No pics of the food because I accidentally left my phone on my seat.) 

I am so happy and thankful for every moment I get to spend with M.  He makes me laugh, and he is so much fun to be with.