#3 Holiday Gifts- CHECK!

by 4th: 

Shopping has become incredibly difficult for me these days.  I'd rather shop online.  

Tomorrow is the first of December!  26 days and counting...




by 4th:
This was the longest break in record history for Thanksgiving.  Usually we're off starting from Wednesday, but because of the budget cuts, we all get to play a few extra days. : )

This is my first post for a new start.  I've had a blog before but ditched it due to other priorities, but I want to give it another shot.  This time it's better because I have a partner to update the blog with.

I am 4th, pleasure to meet you.  My blog partner is fifth. : )


 Tory Burch bag, Joomi Lim bracelet,  
Joomi Lim hairband, Rebecca Minkoff bag


#1 Giving Thanks to a New Beginning

by: fifth

A fresh new start for us. 
We should all take time to stop from this crazy world and thank those that are most important to us. What perfect timing that this is the week of Thanksgiving day.

The church I attend was having a Thanksgiving celebration and releasing their thanks through a balloon. Notes were written on a sticky note and sent off with a balloon. 
Side note: I LOVE balloons. So imagine my surprise when I walked out and saw a sea of colors. 
However, a part of me inside just ached at the thought of all that litter that will soon fall down back to earth. For that reason, I couldn't get myself to participate, and just watched from the sidelines taking pictures while having a bittersweet moment to myself.