#50 Gearing Up

by 4th: 

I've been busy going around to all these sports stores buying snowboarding gear.  Today's mission was to find some pants and Gortex waterproof Burton gloves.  Both items were successfully found!  Did you know that when you join membership for REI, you are really joining into a co-op so they give you back 10% of any full item you pay for? We were pleasantly surprised when the lady told us that we had $24 in credit... so my $100 pants that were on sale for $74, were really just $55 in the end. :)  Happy deal. 

Cardigan:  Madewell, Jean Painter Shirt:  Rag & Bone, Boots: Madewell, Bag: Tory Burch. 


#49 Halloween '11

by 4th:

 I dressed up for the first time since I was a little kid.  I went as an Indian while M went as a cowboy. :)  It was a great combo.  I can't wait until next year to dress up again!  

Waka Flaka, Indian, Cowboy, and Walter White from Breaking Bad. 


by 4th: 

I really miss this warm day which was only a few weeks ago.  I just finished reading The Hunger Games and I'm starting on Catching Fire.   I couldn't put the book down for the first book, and I even lost some sleep because I wanted to know what would happen next.  Can't wait until the movie comes out! 

top: H&M, skirt:  f21, flats:  Chanel,  bag: Tory Burch, glasses: Warby Parker, bracelet: Joomi Lim, watch: Michael Kors, book: The Hunger Games


#47 Evolving Fashion

by 4th: 

Came across this cool video.  Seriously loved the dances!

#46 11-11-11 Chopsticks Day

by 4th:  

Today is 11-11-11, Pepero Day... I was very sad because M didn't know that and didn't get me any Pepero sticks.  All I wanted was one box of it.  Since it was too late to go out to a supermarket to find some, we decided to get sushi instead, and make it "Chopsticks Day."  I was content with that, but I made sure to let him know it still wasn't the same.  Hopefully next year on 11-11 I'll get a box of Peperos. :) 


#45 Catwalk Jewels: We have a winner

by 4th

Recently I entered to win Joomi's fabulous statement necklace on Adorn-London.  Little did I know I would actually win!
All I had to do was tell them what I would wear the statement necklace with.   I am all smiles.  

#44 Wedding Party

by 4th

This Saturday was a blur... all I remember was that it was SO much fun.  Danced around in my booties all night.  They were pretty comfortable, but towards the end of the night, it was pretty much impossible to walk.  I just gritted my teeth and stomped on forward.  

Fendi booties

Dress: Zara, Handbag: Marc Jacobs

zara trench

Please excuse the ugly face. -_-
Joomi Lim necklace

M & D <3